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History of Surfing

Surfing goes much deeper to it’s culture, history, and way of life. Learning the history of surfing through the culture, the surf etiquette, the choice of board and the science of the waves can enhance your surfing experience in Maui.

First Humpback Whales of 2015 Season Spotted in Hawaii

The first humpback whale spotting of 2015 came early this year. Whale season is technically from December 15th to April 15th however, NOAA spotted a humpback whale just a few days ago in the waters off the coast of Kauai.

The History of Canoe Surfing

History tells us that canoes offered the quickest way to transport people, water, communication and food. As vehicles became the mode of transportation, outrigger canoe became an excellent excuse for joy riding. Outrigger Canoes can catch a wave before surfboards and it is a longer ride. People embraced the passion of this sport with the thrill of a large wave chasing after them and the momentum taking over. Join the teamwork and comradery of paddling a canoe with the ride on Mother Nature’s roller coaster and it’s the perfect exhilirating sport of canoe surfing.

Kaho‘olawe: Sacred Hawaiian Island

Kaho’olawe is the most mysterious of the Hawaiian Islands. Kaho’olawe is part of Maui Nui and despite the years of incessant bombing and the violent scorching of Earth, the island—ironically—was spared from the development and is beautifully empty today. Here on the shores of this “empty” island, the path of the stars can be studied and the history creates a story that an entire culture awaits for what the island’s future might hold.

Maui’s Best Activities To Do

TripAdvisor names Maui the Best Island in the United States and #2 Island in the World! Some highlights of Maui’s Best Activities include kayak tours, outrigger canoe tours, surf lessons and SUP lessons. Check out the #1 rated Outdoor Activity, Boat and Other Activities, Resturants and Sights and Landmarks and Things to Do on Maui.

Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows Program: Developing Future Leaders For Maui County