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  • Feel the glide, see the beauty
    Friends and family paddling together, gliding quietly through the water

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Maui Outrigger Canoe Tours

  • What is an Outrigger Canoe Tour?

    Let one of our knowledgeable Maui Outrigger Canoe Tour guides share their Culture, Hawaiian place names, Hawaiian marine names and passion for paddling with you on a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Tour today! The modern Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe or Wa`a is where ancient Hawaiian Culture and modern technology mix. In ancient days wooden Wa`a were used for transportation, fishing, voyaging and sport for chiefs or Ali`i. Today modern fiberglass design allows for a more stable, performance based canoe, perfect for individuals, small groups, families and children.

  • Why Go On An Outrigger Canoe Tour With Us?

    Our canoe guides are certified marine naturalist, who are passionate to share their knowledge of Hawaiian Culture while you experience it first hand.  Unlike our kayak tours which are exclusively private for the number of people in your party, we DO COMBINE parties to fill all the seats on our Outrigger Canoe Tours.  With the extra engines the outrigger canoe easily glides across the ocean and is the vessel of choice in rougher water.

    Each canoe guide has their own background, experience and stories to share on this three hour cultural tour.  During the summer months learn to make rope or kaula from coconut fibers and drink from a fresh coconut when they are available.  This educational and cultural experience is one not to miss.  Watch the video to the right then call to planning your Maui ocean adventure with Hawaiian Paddle Sports.

Choose Your Maui Canoe Tour

South Maui Turtle Town Outrigger Canoe Tour (Makena)

AAn outrigger canoe tour from Makena in the heart of turtle town lends itself to many great options for snorkeling with green Hawaiian sea turtles. Surrounded by calm waters most mornings, this is the ideal tour for families with small children, first time paddlers and those looking for a calm ocean experience. Never more than 6 guests per tour it’s a great option for guests looking to learn about Hawaiian Culture and snorkel in turtle town without the masses. With many snorkeling locations to choose from amongst the various reef formations in turtle town, our canoe guides will keep you away from the crowded snorkel boats. Across the channel you’ll see Molokini Crater with Kahoolawe in the background which holds strong cultural significance to the Hawaiian People and is the piko, or belly button of the Hawaiian Islands. Enjoy views of Mauna Kahalawai, Lanai and Haleakala while learning the meaning of their Hawaiian place names.
*Whale Watching Tour Dec-April (See description below)


3 Hour Tour

$149 per person

“Hawaiian Paddle Sports is your go to place for Paddle Sports in Maui”

Hawaiian Paddle Sports is absolutely, hands down, the only company you want to work with for paddle sports on Maui. They were friendly, kind, patient and can provide multiple different Paddle experiences. I would definitely recommend an outrigger canoe tour. Our group decided to go on the Turtle Town tour and it was awesome. Our guide, Tim, was so knowledgeable and provided an educational but fun tour. There wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer about the marine life, the culture, the canoe, etc. I also appreciate the company’s “corporate responsibility” to the community, culture, and environment. You should totally check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Visited April 2014

Stacie V.
Stacie V.Seattle, Washington

West Maui Coral Gardens Outrigger Canoe Tour (Olowalu)

Olowalu Village is rich in cultural history and a great location for an outrigger canoe tour. Once a thriving Hawaiian population called Olowalu Valley home, later in the mid 1800’s it became the location of Olowalu Sugar Plantation. This area is now a secluded beach haven located half way to Lahaina from Maalaea. The lack of development in this area has left this expansive reef as one of the healthiest reef systems in all of Hawaii. As the seed reef of West Maui, Lanai and Molokai, Olowalu reef is vitally important the future of Maui Nui’s near shore waters. The thriving reef is teeming with tropical fish but Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles are only found at a few “turtle cleaning stations” where they congregate to allow fish to clean their shells of algae. With years of experience in this area, our guides know exactly where to find the turtle cleaning stations of Olowalu. Sometimes there are up to a dozen turtles waiting their turn to be cleaned. With our summer trade winds this location can sometimes be unsafe due to the strong winds blowing out from Olowalu valley off shore. Make sure and check with our management on current weather conditions so they can help you find the right location for your outrigger canoe experience.
*Whale Watching Tour Dec-April (See description below)


3 Hour Tour

$149 per person

“Maui’s most unique and personal whale-watch at Olowalu”

I recently had the unique opportunity to do the outrigger canoe whale watch from Olowalu. The views of the island’s vallies and mountainscapes were absolutley breathtaking, especially from the vantage point of the calm coastal water. The sunrise was spectacular and left me specehless (which is rare). There were several whale sightings, which is quite intimate when considering you are on the same level as those graceful creatures, but the one that grabbed me was the mom and pup . . . I shall never forget it. The guide Tim was very professional and quite knowledgeable in all aspects of the experience. An added feature was the special chant done before launching, in honor of culture and heritage of Hawaii, and the blowing of the conch shell, heralding our return to shore. On the way back in there was time to snorkel and I couldn’t believe how many green hawaiian sea turtles there were at the “turtle cleaning station”. I counted 8 at one point but i’m sure there were close to a dozen all together. A must see to believe, adventure to be sure. Thanks, HPS !!

Visited January 2013

Bill W.
Bill W.New York City, NY

Honolua Bay Outrigger Canoe Excursion

Offered as a part of Jean-Michel Cousteau’s “Ambassadors of the Environment Program” this fun, educational and cultural tour is one of our guest favorites.  Honokahua Bay, or DT Flemmings as its known today, is the departure point for the Honolua Bay Outrigger Canoe Tour.  Strong winds make for a challenging paddle to Honolua Bay, so we’ll tuck in close the shore and stop along the way to let our body’s rest and eyes take in the beauty of the this raw undeveloped coastline.  If weather permits we’ll stop at Slaughter House beach, Mokuleia,  to learn about how the Hawaiians not only lived… but THRIVED in the Hawaiian Islands prior to western contact.  We’ll dig up a fresh water spring, make rope form coconut fibers and learn about the Hawaiian’s ahupua’a system.  Just short paddle around the corner and you’ll be at the famed Honolua Bay which is part of the Mokuleia Marine Life Conservation Disctrict.  Based on crowds, water clarity and wind direction your outrigger canoe guide will choose the best location to snorkel.  During your time in the water our certified marine naturalist guides will take you on an interpretive snorkel tour and document the experience for you with digital photography at no additional charge.  Due to wind and rougher ocean conditions of this location we don’t recommend this location for small children or guest who are uncomfortable in the ocean.
*Due to high surf in the winter months this tour is only offered June – September, surf and weather dependent.


3 Hour Tour

$159 per person

“Incredible experience”

We booked an outrigger canoe tour and snorkel adventure at Honolua Bay and it was the best tour experience we’ve had on Maui. Arianna, our guide, was very knowledgeable and taught us so much about Hawaiian culture, conservation and the ocean. I can’t believe that the most educational thing we did was also the most fun. We all helped get the outrigger canoe in the water and paddled it to a remote beach where Arianna taught us some Hawaiian history and showed us how to make rope from coconut strands and gave us refreshing drinks from a natural spring bubbling from what I thought was a tide pool and from a coconut which we also ate. We then hit the outrigger again to an isolated snorkel spot where Ari showed us and taught us about all kinds of Hawaiian reef fish. We also saw sea turtles. This was definitely the highlight of our trip and I am now seeing what else we can book with this company before our vacation ends. I just feel bad we found this company at the end of our vacation and not the beginning. Not that our other tours were bad, it is just that this tour was so outstanding. Thanks Ari.

Visited July 2014

Jamie A.
Jamie A.Canberra

Molokini Outrigger Canoe Challenge

If you’re an outrigger canoe, dragon boat or another discipline paddler looking for a long paddle while on vacation, the Molokini Outrigger Canoe Challenge might be a good fit for you.  Keep in mind we need 5 paddlers to fill the canoe so this tour is best for parties with 3 to 5 guests so we can try and find extra paddlers to help get us there.  Departing early in the morning before the sun comes up, you’ll get to see it rise over Mauna Haleakala as we paddle towards Molokini Crater.  This tour is really about the experience of paddling to Molokini over anything else so it doesn’t share the same educational and cultural information that our other shoreline tours are known for.  Even though this isn’t designed as a snorkel tour, your guide will give you the option to take a quick dip at Molokini to cool off and check out the underwater marine life.  If the weather and time permits your guide will take you around the back wall of Molokini before paddling back to Makena in the heart of Turtle Town.  Round trip this is about 9 miles of paddling and takes roughly an hour and half each direction including some short stops.
*This trip is not for everyone. It is physically demanding and paddlers must be healthy, in good physical shape and have paddling experience. Conditions Apply.


3-4 Hours

$199 Per person (two person minimum)

“Molokini Challenge was AWESOME”

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Molokini in an outrigger canoe. Kaleo was a great guide and he brought along another helper, Mary and his son to make the 4 person canoe complete. We started early to see the sunrise over Haleakala—Kaleo’s stories of Hawaiian culture and playing of the conch were enjoyed the whole way. The snorkeling at Molokini was beautiful. There is nothing more fun than paddling on the ocean.
Visited November 2011

Aaron R.
Aaron R. Colorado

Whale Watch Outrigger Canoe Tour

If you’re lucky enough to be coming to Hawaii between late December and early April hopefully you’ll be visiting Maui. The waters off Maui’s South and West shores are a Humpback Whale Sanctuary with whales everywhere you look!

Every year humpback whales, or Kohola, make the long swim from the great white north to Hawaii so they can mate and give birth. An Outrigger Canoe is the best option of self-powered vessels for whale watching for several reasons. The streamlined design allows for easy paddling so you can cover more ground on your whale watch tour with 6 or 12 people paddling in synchronicity. On the canoe you sit on a bench sit which gives you a better vantage point over kayaks where you are actually sitting slightly below water level.

Seeing a humpback whale from an outrigger canoe is an epic experience that everyone can enjoy: grandkids to grandparents, active travelers and everyone in-between. No experience necessary. Oh and if time permits we’ll stop for a quick snorkel on the way back to shore but usually we like to spend the whole tour playing whales.

If you absolutely want to snorkel and whale watch on the same tour, we suggest one of our exclusively private kayak tours where you can determine how much time to spend on each activity.


3 Hour Tour

$149 per person

“Great experience and great guide”

I have lived on Maui for many years and have done a number of whale watches in large boats, small boats, and kayaks. With my parents in town I wanted something unique and the private kayak whale watch was exactly what we wanted. Our guide took us out about 1.5 miles of the coast and we were surrounded by whales about 50 yards away. To hear the whales breathe is amazing. We got out before the other large kayak companies and were off on our own with just us and our guide. He had lots of great information on landmarks, whale behavior and kept us feeling comfortable and safe the entire time. This experience blew away any other whale watches I have done. This is now my go to company for any ocean sports on Maui. Very professional, personal experience that I have not found with any other tour company on Maui.
Visited February 2012

Robert S.
Robert S.Kula, Hawaii

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