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South Maui Turtle Town Kayak Tour

Launching kayaks from historic Makena Landing in the center of Turtle Town you’ll have iconic Haleakala in the background. With dozens of independent reefs throughout Turtle Town, your kayak guide will lead you away from the crowds to snorkel with green Hawaiian Sea Turtles. This South Maui location includes some reefs with underwater caves and arches commonly known as “Five Caves” and “Turtle Arches.” These reefs and many others in Turtle Town have resident sea turtles who can be found year round, if you know exactly where to look and our guides will lead you there. As you kayak along the Makena and Wailea coast you’ll enjoy scenic views of Puu Olai, Molokini Crater, Lanai, Mauna Kahalawai (West Maui Mountains) and Kahoolawe. During Maui’s windy summer months, Turtle Town is usually protected from the wind in early mornings making this the ideal summer location. Shallow, well-lit reefs and calm conditions make this a great location for families with small children and first time ocean enthusiasts, but don’t let that deter you if you’re an active traveler, Turtle Town offers something for everyone!

Turtle Town Tour Info

3 Hour PRIVATE Tour
We do NOT combine parties!

FREE Digital Photos of your tour

Water, Snack, Snorkel Gear provided

Certified Marine Naturalist Guides

1 guest $249 per person
2-4 guests $159 per person
5 or more guests $139 per person

“Great kayaking & snorkeling tour in South Maui!

We took a kayaking and snorkeling trip with Hawaiian Paddle Sports in South Maui. Peter was our guide, and he was wonderful. Before we entered the water, he showed us a number of the fish we would likely see while snorkeling and shared fun facts of interest about many of them (such as black stripes that hide the eye, false eyes on the back of the body, and the pig-like grunts that the Hawaiian state fish makes).  We then headed out for a nice paddle before making our way over to Turtle Town for some snorkeling.

By the time we got there, large boats and kayaking groups had arrived.  I was so grateful we were not part of them, as the guides kept everyone close together, which seemed to scare the fish into hiding.  But, Peter took us off to an area by ourselves, where we saw an amazing array of fish, including most of the ones he had prepared us to see.

But, the best part was the turtles.  Peter mentioned that the turtles often like to scratch themselves on the kayak anchor… and, sure enough, right after he dropped the anchor, one came over to do just that.  Things got even better a little later when two turtles came over and swam near us at the surface… swimming with the turtles was awesome!  And, we got some terrific photos of us with the turtles, thanks to Peter!  The company provides the guides with GoPro cameras, and has them take pictures throughout the tour… they then provide the images to the clients for free, as part of the experience.  Having someone else focus on getting the pictures really freed us up to just relax and enjoy ourselves.  And, we hit the jackpot with Peter… he has a degree in photography, and went to great lengths to get terrific pictures for us.

Hawaiian Paddle Sports is the type of company that we love to support, as they offer personalized tours, good service, and a commitment to the environment that allows them to make their living. We found that they lived up to the rave reviews, and would happily recommend them.

Visited May 2014

Deb D.
Deb D.San Diego, CA

West Maui Coral Gardens Kayak Tour

After a water safety and paddling orientation we depart from Olowalu Beach under the backdrop of Mauna Kahalawai (West Maui Mountains). As your guide navigates you through the shallow coral gardens you won’t help but notice the vivid reef structures everywhere you look. This shallow water playground opens to slightly deeper water where your guide leads you to a ‘turtle cleaning station’ with an abundance of turtles and marine life. The shallow, sandy bottoms with patches of vibrant coral make this a favorite snorkel spot for visitors to Maui. Due to the sometimes windy conditions, this tour is best for older children and adults who are comfortable in the ocean.

Coral Gardens Tour Info

3 Hour PRIVATE Tour
We do NOT combine parties!

FREE Digital Photos of your tour

Water, Snack, Snorkel Gear provided

Certified Marine Naturalist Guides

1 guest $249 per person
2-4 guests $159 per person
5 or more guests $139 per person

“Awesome Snorkeling!”

Luau … Road to Hana … helicopter tour … sailing …. glass bottom boat … we did a lot in a few days. But snorkeling with John from Hawaiian Paddle Sports … that was THE MOST INCREDIBLE experience of our entire vacation. With a thorough safety briefing and kayak instruction, John made our trip fun from the very beginning. John gave us tons of info about Hawaiian culture and history. His snorkeling instruction was methodical, getting this first-timer into the water without a hitch. Launching from the shores of West Maui, we were into stunning views of the mountains, coral gardens, tropical fish, and turtles … like … right now! There is no better way to snorkel Maui than with a one-on-one guide from Hawaiian Paddle Sports. What a surprise to learn that John was taking pictures of us during the three-hour excursion … and we could have them at NO EXTRA COST! Within twenty-four hours, we were sent a link to our awesome photos. Now, we can enjoy our kayak and snorkeling adventure over and over … until our next trip with John. Thanks again John. A hui hou, Jason and Jill

Visited September 2013

Jason and Jill
Jason and JillSeattle, WA

Honolua Bay Kayak Excursion

This fun, challenging and educational tour is a West Maui guest favorite. After a water safety and paddling orientation, we depart from DT Fleming Beach in front of the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua. As you paddle along the Pali (sea cliffs) you will get a sense of ancient Hawaii. The lack of development in the area offers undisturbed beaches, sea cliffs, open ranch land and a stunning view of Moloka`i just across the Pailolo Channel. After an upwind paddle, we arrive at Mokuleia Beach and the first bay of Honolua (Honolua literally means: two bays). We paddle around a rocky point until we arrive at Honolua Bay, a part of the Mokuleia Marine Life Conservation District, these protected waters offer an abundance of fish, turtles and sometimes manta rays or spinner dolphins. While snorkeling, your marine naturalist will guide you through this underwater playground to a ‘turtle cleaning station,’ naming a multitude of fish along the way before allowing you some free time to snorkel on your own. Due to paddling in the wind, this tour is best for older children and adults who are comfortable in the ocean.

*Due to high surf in the winter months this tour is only offered June-August, surf and weather dependent.

Honolua Tour Info

3 Hour Tour

FREE Digital Photos of your tour

Water, Snack, Snorkel Gear provided

Certified Marine Naturalist Guides

1-6 Guests $159 per person

Not recommended for children <12 years old

Honolua-bound with HPS

Private paddle tour from DT Fleming Beach to Honolua Bay with HPS was the highlight of my recent trip to Maui. Beautiful clear morning (7/12) – could see the saddle of Molokai from my kayak – with just enough wind to keep cool. Had a great guide named Donnie who provided an informative and evenly paced tour – made sure we didn’t miss the endemic blue rice coral. Spotted honu that were too numerous to count along the way, including several at a turtle cleaning station in crystal-clear water at our snorkel spot in Honolua Bay. Great trip – thanks, Donnie!

Visited July 2012

Allison J.
Allison J.Charleston, SC

Molokini Kayak Challenge

So you want to go to Molokini? Most people take large snorkel boats…. but a few PADDLE there! This Maui kayaking tour is not for everyone, only those looking for a challenge.* We’ll meet early in the morning at Makena Landing and go over water safety and paddling orientation. Then we set our course for Molokini Crater. You’ll glide across the calm waters as the sky slowly turns purple, pink, red and orange while the sun slowly rises over the summit of Haleakala. Experience views only available from sea or one of our neighboring islands. After a healthy 3.5 mile paddle you’ll arrive at Molokini Crater, before the large snorkel boats, and enjoy an uncrowded snorkel in the crater. If you’ve been there on a boat before you’ll understand the value of the last statement! If conditions allow, we’ll paddle around the back side of the crater. The breathtaking back wall of wind and wave-swept stone is a sight you’ll carry with you for a lifetime, and one that very few ever see. As we paddle back to Makena you will start to appreciate the name of this tour: Molokini Challenge. Don’t worry, our guides promise no matter how tired you get on the way back, we’ll hit land…. somewhere!

*It is physically demanding and paddlers must be healthy and in good physical shape. Conditions apply.

Molokini Challenge Info

3-4 Hour PRIVATE Tour
We do NOT combine parties!

FREE Digital Photos of your tour

Water, Snack, Snorkel Gear provided

Certified Marine Naturalist Guides

1 Guest  $249 per person
2+ Guests  $199 per person

Molokini Challenge: Best paddling tour on Maui

Launching kayaks before sunrise, paddling through the surf, watching whales, seeing the sun rise over Haleakala, stopping in the Molokini crater, having dolphins leap out of the water just in front of us, listening to whale song and dolphin chatter, and paddling back to Makena… It was an adventure! Josh and Chad were great guides, friendly and informative! I highly recommend this trip to folks who love to paddle, get a bit intense (if it’s windy) and have a grand, nonmotorized, adventure!

Visited November 2013

John T.
John T.Chicago, IL

Whale Watch Kayak Tours

If you’ll be in Maui between December and April then whale watching is probably on your list of things to do. If you’re reading this section then you’re about to have an experience unlike most whale watching tours on Maui. On a private whale watching tour you’ll paddle out on kayaks to see humpback whales up close and personal. To see a humpback whale from a kayak, hear them breathe and then gracefully dive back down can be a life changing experience. An added benefit of kayak whale watching is that you’ll get to be physically active while whale watching. How far you paddle, and at what rate, is up to you since it’s a private tour and during peak whale season there is no shortage of humpback whales. If you would like to spend some time snorkeling at the end of your whale watching kayak tour let us know when you make your reservation and we’ll let your guide know, you can always change your mind mid-tour if you’re having too much fun whale watching.

More Benefits of Whale Watching from a Kayak:

No crowds! You’ll have a front row seat

Eco friendly: No diesel fumes or loud engines

Private and personalized

Free photos

Certified Marine Naturalist guides

A more intimate experience


3 Hour PRIVATE Tour
We do NOT combine parties!

FREE Digital Photos of your tour

Water, Snack, Snorkel Gear provided

Certified Marine Naturalist Guides

1 guest $249 per person
2-4 guests $159 per person
5 or more guests $139 per person

*Whale Watching January 1 thru March 31

Unforgettable kayak encounter”

Last week, we went out on a 3 hr kayak trip with Morgan off Oluwalu reef. Morgan, our guide and my partner and myself. Two kayaks, no fossil fuel burned, no reef damaged. Morgan was super friendly and knowledgeable about ocean life, ecology and where to find turtles and spot whales. We weren’t in the water 30 minutes before a humpback whale and her calf swam RIGHT UNDER OUR KAYAK. It was heart stopping. The calf was so close to me that I could have touched it with my paddle. I get chicken skin just thinking about it. The whales were curious about us and hung out for a while very close to our kayaks while we drifted in crystal clear waters with extreme visibility. Even our guide said it was the closest he’s ever been to a humpback. What an experience! Later we went to the “turtle cleaning station” where green sea turtles are cleaned by wrasse fish. There were dozens of “honu” on the reef so we kicked it and swam with them for a while. That is, until the huge catamarans and diesel boats showed up. There would be absolutely no reason to go out on a giant tourist boat which is most likely damaging the reef with a bunch of loud people and their children when you could easily glide silently out on a Hawaiian Paddle Sports kayak or canoe and have an amazing experience. We did and it was one of the best moments of true Hawaii that I’ve ever had. (And I’ve had a lot). Check out this company. It’s no ka oi!

Visited March 2014

Stevie C.
Stevie C.Sacramento, CA
  • Why a Private Maui Kayak Tour?

    Private kayak tours are a great alternative to large boats and group kayak tours to snorkel or whale watch in Maui. On a private kayak tour our knowledgeable guide is there to cater to your guests only, we don’t combine parties.  On a large group kayak tours there can be up to 14 people per guide and you’ll never know who else is going to be on the tour with you and how that will impact your experience.  Some paddlers might want to cruise along at a leisurely pace while others want to GO GO GO!

    On a private kayaking tour you are not hindered or rushed based on other guests’ desires… you get to call the shots! Want to paddle more and snorkel less? Don’t want to snorkel at all? No problem, we realize not everyone has the same expectations or agenda, this is specifically why we exclusively offer Private Kayak Tours. Our guides will tailor the kayaking tour to your ability, fitness and desires.

    Private kayak tours are a great option for first time ocean enthusiast, families with small children, elderly couples and active travelers who don’t want to be held back… but really a private kayaking tour is the best option for discerning travels who are looking for better guest experience on a customized kayak tour.

  • Why a Kayak Tour?

    Our Kayak Tours are a stable and beginner friendly choice for your Maui adventure, kayaking is something ANYONE can do. We use ‘Ocean Kayak’ Malibu Two’s, Scuppers and Scramblers. These almost impossible-to-flip vessels provide a safe and secure option great for family, a couple or individual fun. Let one of our knowledgeable kayak guides share their favorite reefs, marine life and stories with you on a PRIVATE Kayak Tour today!

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