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Your adventure on Maui begins!

Maui’s premier ocean activity company offering PRIVATE Kayak and Outrigger Canoe, Whale Watching or Maui Snorkeling Tours. The Top Rated Maui Surfing Lessons and Stand Up Paddle Board Tours. Get away from the crowds and experience Maui from a local perspective.

For many, this is why they come to Maui, to really get away. Now be sure you don’t miss an experience unlike any other!


Rated #1 on Maui 2010-2018

“..Let start off by saying I really didn’t know IF I was going to be able to Surf in Maui, but I knew I Surfing Lessons were on the top of my list of things to do. I had no idea it would be so easy… ok the Surf Instructor probably had A LOT to do with that. His instructions were clear and detailed…”


“This company is epitome of what service should be. They were great at communicating via email and by phone prior to our arrival in Maui. We booked a private kayak tour for 2 and had a wonderful time…I highly recommend you try!”

KatrinaIrvine, CA

“…Hawaiian Paddle Sports is absolutely, hands down, the only company you want to work with for paddle sports on Maui. They were friendly, kind, patient and can provide multiple different Paddle experiences. I would definitely recommend an outrigger canoe tour…”

Sarah G
Sarah GSanta Clara, CA


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Why a PRIVATE Canoe, Kayak, Stand Up Paddle Board or Surf Lesson?

Our guests learn the answer after spending an incredible adventure being away from the crowds and off the beaten path. All our tours and lessons are tailored to you and your party. Experience an outrigger canoe or Maui kayak tour off our pristine shores. Maui paddle boarding tours give you a great perspective of the reefs. And private Maui surf lessons by our professional local guides will have your group ready for a surf safari in no time.

Your Maui experience should not be compromised at the expense of a company’s profits. Large group tours are not for everyone and a one size fits all style has been adopted by too many Maui activity companies. This is why Hawaiian Paddle Sports was created, to offer private, authentic and educational ocean activities with an emphasis on the guest’s overall experience.

Our professional local Maui guides are Certified Marine Naturalists who are passionate about protecting you and showing you the waters off of Maui in equal measure. Choose below from our private tours and locations to begin one of your most memorable days on Maui.

Kayak Whale Watch tour in Maui Hawaii
kayak tours

Maui Kayak Tours

If you’re coming in the Summer months to Kayak in Maui and go snorkeling with Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles then we offer three beautiful locations: Makena, Olowalu, and Molokini Crater. Each location offers a unique experience and our staff can help you choose the best location for your experience and fitness level. No experience is required, our dedicated kayak guides will take the time to make you feel comfortable even if it is your first time kayaking or snorkeling. If you’re fit and have experience our guides can take it up a notch and make sure there is plenty for you to see and do as well. Again, a PRIVATE Kayak Tour in Maui allows you to have the experience you choose. If you’ll be visiting in the winter months and wish to Kayak Maui, we offer two great locations for Kayak Whale Watching: Makena or Olowalu. There is no better way to go whale watching in Maui then from an ocean kayak. No crowds, no engine noise or diesel fumes… just you, your kayak guide and the Humpback Whales.

Catch a wave in Maui
surf lessons maui

Maui Surf Lessons

Everyone should learn to Surf in Maui! Our PRIVATE Maui Surf Lessons get you away from the crowded “Maui Surf Schools” in Kihei, Lahaina and Kaanapali to a more secluded surf break where our Surf Instructors can take the time to teach you how to surf… not just stand on a board. We offer private surf lessons in Maui with no more than 5 guests to 1 instructor ratio. If your party has more than five surfers we will send a second surf instructor. Our surf instructors will teach you about surf etiquette, where waves come from and how they form, wave selection and of course how to catch a wave! We guarantee you’ll get up and surf in one easy lesson or your next surfing lesson is FREE, that’s how confident we are in our instructors.

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Maui
sup maui

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Maui is a great way to explore Maui’s scenic coasts and bays. Choose from one of two amazing locations, again each offering a unique experience and view of Maui: Olowalu or Makena. We realize that everyone comes from different backgrounds, fitness levels and comfort in the ocean which is why we offer exclusive and PRIVATE Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Tours. You will be able to Stand Up Paddle as far and as fast as your ability allows, without having to feel like you’re being held back or holding others back. Or if you choose to just leisurely cruise around and check out Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles that’s fine too. Oh, and our Stand Up Paddle instructors will take photos for you at no added charge so you can just enjoy your morning on the water.

Outrigger Canoe scenic mountain background
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Outrigger Canoe Tours

Unlike our exclusive and private Kayak Tours, SUP and Surf Lessons, on our Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Tours we do combine parties in order fill all the seats in the Canoe. There are 6 seats in our 45 foot long Hawaiian Outrigger canoe and 12 seats on our Double Hull Canoe, one for the guide and rest for all the engines…. that’s you, so the more engines the better. These tours are very similar to our Maui Kayak Snorkel and Whale Watching Tours but with a cultural element. Experience Hawaiian Culture first hand as you paddle a traditional craft and hear legends of Maui from your canoe guide. Learn to make rope from coconut fibers just as ancient Hawaiians did to lash their canoes or wa`a together. Learn about the migration of Polynesians to Hawaii from distant lands and how they not only survived, but thrived in Hawaii. Again our guides will document the entire adventure and send you photos after your Maui Outrigger Canoe Tour so you can enjoy the experience without being distracted by taking photos.

canoe surfing

Canoe Surfing Experience

Experience the incredible rush as you and your group are pulled along by the waves in an outrigger canoe. Canoe surfing has occurred as long as there has been canoes on the ocean. Often the ancient mariner’s time their landings based on tides, beach accessibility and the waves that would quickly and safely bring them close to shore over shallow reefs. Unlike our other tours which are private, outrigger canoeing and the canoe surfing tours are group events.  Partnering up with others to fill the canoe is required for launching and catching the waves. During your surfing experience your local guide, a certified marine naturalist and lifeguard will be steering the canoe and taking photos for you to share with your family and friends for free.

Whale watching in maui

Whale Watching Tours

Whale Watching is a must if you’re lucky enough to be in Maui December through April.  Now the question is how. If you’re on our website, you are probably not the type who will be satisfied being crammed on a catamaran, or even larger whale watching boat, with hundreds of people.  Our private whale watching tours get you close to Humpback whales without disturbing them with a loud engine or massive boat.  We’ll paddle out with you on a kayak, stand up paddle board or outrigger canoe to let you watch these gentle giants in their natural environment.  With the lack of crowd and engine noise you’ll hear them as they exhale and send a spray of water into the air, commonly referred to as a spout.  You could potentially see pec slaps, fluke slaps, spy hops and whale breaches.  We often encounter newborn calves, with their mother and escorts, where we can watch them for hours without disturbing them.  Sometimes we get a real treat and have a competition pod swim by with several male Humpback whales competing for a female to mate with. Every day is different and we never know what to expect when it comes to the whales or the marine environment. However, you can always expect the best experience with Maui’s top guides who are safe, passionate and educated on all of our Maui paddle sports tours and lessons.

**Available seasonally, January – March**

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