Every year between December and April visitors from all over the world flock to Maui to Whale Watch. Maui’s shallow, warm and protected waters provide the perfect habitat for Humpback Whales to mate and give birth. As a matter of fact the waters off of Maui’s South/West shores (Kihei, Lahaina, Wailea, Olowalu, Makena, Kaanapali, Kapalua, Napili) are the some of the most populated waters in the WORLD for Humpback Whales. Humpback whales are the most “watchable” whales due to their surface activities: Pec Slaps, Breaches, Fluke Slaps, Spy Hops and Tail Up Dives. They also surface on average every 10-15minutes to breath, spraying water 15 feet in the air as they clear their lungs through their blow hole, perfect for spectator’s or those on a Maui Whale Watching tour. If you’re in Maui during whale season going on a whale watch tour is a must!

Now lets talk about your “Maui Whale Watching” options….

There are number of Large boat operators which offer Maui Whale Watching Tours. Our guests who have also been out on Whale Watching Boats say that there is no comparison to seeing a whale up close and personal on Stand Up Paddle Board, Ocean Kayak or Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe. No crowds, no engine noise, just peace and quite… then, “there she blows”!!! It is a very awakening experience to see the Humpback Whales in this way. Why a PRIVATE whale watching tour? Most of our guest don’t need this question answered as you’ve found our website because you’re looking to get away from the crowds and off the beaten path. It has been our experience that guests come a variety of fitness levels, paddling ability and overall comfort in the ocean. On a group tour you are limited by the weakest paddlers in the group. No one likes to be held back and no likes to feel like they are holding others back. That is why Hawaiian Paddle Sports was created, to offer a private alternative to ocean activities on Maui. We feel that in Large whale watching group tours the guest experience is compromised at the expense of the whale watch tour companies profits. We’ll keep you away from the large crowds and offer a personalized, exclusive experience by the best guides in the business. That’s our promise to you. We’ll go at YOUR pace… its YOUR Whale Watch Tour!

Now choose your Maui Whale Watching Tour options

After a water safety and paddling orientation we begin a relaxed paddle off shore and begin looking for these gentle giants. We usually see several pods of whales on our tours with a wide array of activity: Pec Slaps, Fluke Slaps, Spy Hops, Breaches and you can even hear the whales singing!!! Your knowledgeable guide will share information about humpback whales, marine life and the islands surrounding you. If time permits after the whale watching portion of the tour, we will leisurely paddle back to one of our favorite snorkeling reefs where you’ll cool off while snorkeling with Honu (Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles). As with our other paddle snorkel tours, start by choosing your vessel: Ocean Kayak or Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe. Then choose the location you wish to depart from: Olowalu or Makena.

Maui Whale Watching Kayak Tours

A stable and beginner friendly choice, kayaking is something ANYONE can do. We use ‘Ocean Kayak’ Malibu Two’s, Scuppers and Scramblers. These almost impossible to flip vessels provide a safe and secure option great for family, a couple or individual fun


3 Hour Whale Watching Tour
South Maui, Makena OR West Maui, Olowalu
All of our Whale Watching Kayak Tours are private for you party, we DO NOT combine groups
1 guest $199 per person
2-4 guests $149 per person
5 or more guests $119 per person

Maui Whale Watch Outrigger Canoe Tours

Maui Whale Watching Tours Outrigger Canoe

T he modern Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe or Wa`a is where ancient Hawaiian Culture and modern technology mix. In ancient days wooden Wa`a were used for transportation, fishing, voyaging and sport for chiefs or Ali`i. Today’s modern fiberglass design allows for a more stable, performance based canoe perfect for individuals, small groups, families and children. The Ama or outrigger provides stability allowing for a narrow hull which cuts through the water with ease. The stability, speed and higher vantage point from the Outrigger Canoe makes this the ideal way to Whale Watch.Unlike our exclusively private Kayak Tour, SUP and Surf lessons, on our Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe tours we do combine parties in order to fill all the seats in the canoe.


3 Hour Whale WatchTour
South Maui, Makena or West Maui, Olowalu
$149 per person

Maui SUP : Stand Up Paddle Board Whale Watch Tours

Maui whale watching from a stand up paddle board

T he fastest growing ocean craze, “SUP” Stand Up Paddling, is fun for all ages! While standing on a SUP you have a high vantage point allowing you see whales at a further distance. However, the slow speed of Stand Up Paddle Boards limits the area we can cover in this two hour tour. SUP Maui Whale Watching Tours are best for our guests who already have SUP experience or for those who simply wish to learn to SUP and possibly see a whale in the process. Like always its a private tour so we can do whatever you want to do:)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Whale Watching video on Youtube: WHALE WATCHING SUP VIDEO


2 Hour Tour
South Maui, Makena or West Maui
1 Guest $189
2-4 Guests $129 per person Private Whale Watch Tour
5 or more Guest $109 per person Private Whale Watch Tour
We DO NOT combine guests. This is a PRIVATE Tour for your party


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