Rare Hawaiian Monk Seal on Outrigger Canoe Tour. Maui, Hawaii

We had the special treat on October 3rd 2012 of being visited by a rare, endangered, Hawaiian Monk Seal. Its estimated that there are fewer than 1,200 left in the world with only about 150 in the Main Hawaiian Islands. The remaining live in the minor outlying “Northwest Hawaiian Islands”.
We believe this monk seal is “RW34” a 4 year old from the Big Island who likes to visit Maui. She likes to harass puffer fish and hauls out on rocky out-croppings.
It is recommended that people do not come within 150 feet of a monk seal and its against federal law to disturb a Hawaiian Monk Seal. If you happen to see a Hawaiian Monk Seal while in Maui please report it to the NOAA Maui Monk Seal Hotline: 808-292-2372. The state wide 24 hour NOAA number is: 1-888-256-9840
Check out videos of her playing the puffer fish at www.YouTube.com/HawaiianPaddleSports
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