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“I’ve been to Maui several times and been on multiple whale watching tours – seen some pretty amazing things. But, I’ve never experienced anything like the tour Tim took my wife and I on in the Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe. To see a whale breach from that vantage point and proximity (less than 100 yds away), to watch a calf swim directly under the canoe, to hear them singing when you go snorkeling……..it’s tough to describe. Let me just say that I will never be satisfied going on a big boat again. Thanks for the memories we will keep with us forever, Tim. See you next time.” – Jeff Lambert Atlanta, GA

“My first attempt to surf years ago was a solo venture. It didn’t go well. There is no question that Jason’s methods made all the difference in the world! I was given the opportunity to try a couple of different boards, try different types of waves, and some background of how to read the incoming waves. Getting started, he picked the right waves and gave a boost to avoid wearing yourself out on the wrong waves. This is the type of experience I would be confident recommending to any of my friends” -Mike, Central Illinois

“John took the four of us out on a fantastic personal kayak tour. It was amazing! It was just me, my sister, and our spouses, and it was leisurely, fun, exhilarating, and entertaining. Going with just our own little group meant that when we lagged behind my sister’s kayak, we didn’t sweat it. I don’t mind making HER wait, the way I’d mind making strangers wait. And likewise, she didn’t mind waiting for me and my husband to catch up at a pace that was comfortable for us! We really appreciated the low-key and private approach. The snorkeling was simply amazing! My husband had had a bad experience the day before snorkeling, and wasn’t too keen on it. John had some really good suggestions, and my husband ended up LOVING it! We saw tons of fish, and a whole bunch of sea turtles. John was able to point out some distant humpback whales and their calves to us, as well. I have already recommended John and Hawaiian Paddle Sports to one friend, and I can heartily recommend it to anyone who happens by this page! It was well worth the money and early wake up call :)” – Kimberly

I’ve been interested in Stand-Up Paddle for a number of years and decided to take a lesson/tour with Laurie on a recent trip to Maui. She was a great guide and teacher, respecting my skill level, balancing adventure and safety, and offering great information not only on our activity but on other aspects of Hawaii and the sea. She showed on time, was courteous and a pleasure to spend time with. Mahalo Nui Loa, Laurie! – Bruce, Seattle

“I found Hawaiian Paddle Sports online while visiting Maui. We wanted to get away from the crowds and the many tourist traps associated with the big boat companies. Curtis took us out early morning and within 1/2 an hour we were swimming with turtles with no one else around us. Hawaiian Paddle Sports’ excursions are a unique uncluttered experience and you can bet that anytime I’m anywhere near the Hawaii Islands, I will be contacting them with the primary purpose of having a unique experience” -Larry, Oregon

“I went on the South Maui turtle canoe adventure and took the surfing lessons. I didn’t believe I’d actually get up and surf but I did!! The turtles were huge and amazing and I truly enjoyed the time I spent snorkeling around them. I had a superb time and would recommend Peter as a guide/instructor anytime. He’s amazing!! I even learned some Hawaiian language. Next time I come back, I think I’ll try the stand up paddle.” – Karyn, Florida

“I had a wonderful trip out to Molokini. This wasn’t my first time. Years ago I took one of those tourist-packed boats for a Molokini snorkeling adventure. It was fun, but nothing compares to getting there under your own power in a kayak. Seeing a whale from a kayak is a totally different experience. What I will remember most is the sounds of the whales. We stopped at one point and just quietly waited. I could hear them breathing all around us. It drove home the point that these are fellow mammals and I was deeply privileged to be able to spend some time with them on the water. Paddling a kayak to Molokini is not for everyone. The distance covered (3.5 miles each way) is enough so if you don’t enjoy the process of paddling, you might find it a bit much. You are exposed to the open ocean which makes this a potentially risky trip. Tim was an excellent guide. In talking to him, I was impressed at his seamanship and his attention to professional standards of risk management. By the way, I know what I’m talking about on this subject since I am an ACA certified instructor trainer. I am in the business of certifying kayak instructors and guides. I like to apply something I call the “sister test”. Before I certify a kayak guide or instructor, I ask the question “would I send my sister on a tour with this guy”. Well, Tim passes the sister test with flying colors… and I really like my sister so this is a big deal. On my next trip to Maui, I will try to hook up with Tim again. Though this time, I think I will use one of those sleek OC-1 boats that he used. Those look like a lot of fun to paddle.” -Tim Mattson, Olympia, WA

“I had the opportunity to kayak and snorkel with the huge sea turtles. We even got to spot some wales! Curtis was the best tour guide anyone could ask for. New to this type of adventure, he made me feel completely comfortable before even getting into the water. His knowledge about the ocean and water sports seemed endless. Not only did I learn so many new things on the tour, but I have the treasure that I can take with me for a lifetime — the memory of a both exhilarating and serene experience that nothing else will ever come close to replacing! Next time, I’ll use Hawaiian Paddle Sports for surf and SUP lessons. I recommend them to anyone!” – Janna from Atlanta

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