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First Humpback Whales of 2015 Season Spotted in Hawaii

The first humpback whale spotting of 2015 came early this year. Whale season is technically from December 15th to April 15th however, NOAA spotted a humpback whale just a few days ago in the waters off the coast of Kauai.


Humpback Whales in Maui

    Believe it or not, a 90,000 lb. humpback whale has something in common with a snowflake: Both are indicators of a shift in seasons, and just as a snowflake falling from the sky signals winter for much of the Mainland, the first sighting of a humpback whales hearkens winter for us in Hawaii. […]


Humpback Whales Return to Maui Hawaii

If you live in Hawaii you’ve probably already heard the news…. They’re baaack! The first Humpback whale was spotted off of the Big Island, which is the island next to Maui, in late August 2012. Last years first sighting was in late september and the two years prior wasn’t until late October! No one knows […]


Humpback Whales on Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Tour 12.29.10

Another AMAZING tour today!  Kaikaika and Tim lead a private Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe tour for 2 guests out of Makena.  We saw several pods of Humpback Whales with lots of activity: Breaches, Fluke Slaps…etc.  Then we had a mother, calf and escort whale swim along side the Outrigger Canoe for about 20 minutes!  We also […]


Top 25 Things to Do in Maui

Whether you come to Maui for its natural beauty, stellar sunsets, prime whale watching or 81 gorgeous beaches, there’s never a lack of things to do on the Valley Isle. While you may not be able to see and do everything on your first, or even second, trip, we’ve broken down some of our favorite […]


Whale Trust Maui

Whale Trust Maui: Enhancing and Spreading Knowledge About Hawaii’s Whales Researchers have been studying humpback whales in Hawaii since the 1970’s. But despite over 30 years of research, there is still much left to learn about these incredible, yet mysterious, marine mammals. Enter Whale Trust Maui, a nonprofit research organization that is making serious waves […]


Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows Program: Developing Future Leaders For Maui County

Our mission at Hawaiian Paddle Sports involves more than just our business. Community, culture, and protecting what we love in this world is a big part of who we are. Each month, our Malama Maui program highlights a local charity, community group or non profit organization to help raise awareness for their cause.  In February […]


Species of Whales In Hawaii

December 15 – April 15 is a special time of year. That’s the official “whale watching season” here on the island of Maui, when over 10,000 humpbacks annually migrate from the summer feeding grounds in Alaska. Truthfully, however, the first humpbacks are often spotted sometime towards the end of September, with the last sightings frequently occurring […]


Killer Whales in Hawaii (Orca Whales)

Killer Whales were located off the Kona coast in Hawaiian Waters. Researchers were able to document the killer (orca) whales with both photos and video as well as tag the pod with satellite tracking devices. #killerwhales #killerwhale #killerwhalehawaii #orcawhales #orca #humpbackwhales #humpback