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Exploring Maui through Hawaiian Sports (Video)

Our new promo video has finally be released and features some mind blowing shots! Check out this blog post see what Hawaiian Paddle Sports has to offer and don't forget to share with your friends:)
Film Crew Outrigger Canoe

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Experience Video

Click on link to see our new promo video of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Tour! Or go to blog at #outrigger #canoe #maui #hawaii #hawaiian #snorkel #turtle #dolphin #canoesurfing
Surfing Maui Jaws

Jaws VIDEO - BIG Surf hits Maui Hawaii

Amazing video of Surfings paddling into "Jaws" on Maui's North Shore! (VIDEO) #Jaws #Peahi #maui #Hawaii #surf #surfing #surfsup #SurfLessonMaui #MauiSurfLesson #surfingMaui #surfMaui
Killer Whale Takes a breath in hawaiian waters. Hawaii

Killer Whales in Hawaii (Orca Whales)

Killer Whales were located off the Kona coast in Hawaiian Waters. Researchers were able to document the killer (orca) whales with both photos and video as well as tag the pod with satellite tracking devices. #killerwhales #killerwhale #killerwhalehawaii #orcawhales #orca #humpbackwhales #humpback
monk seal on kayak tour

Hawaiian Monk Seal on Maui Kayak Tour, Hawaii (video)

Rare Hawaiian Monk Seal on Maui Kayak Tour (Video)

Hawaiian Paddle Sports on the Radio

Hawaiian Paddle Sports on the Radio

VIDEO Dolphins on Maui Outrigger Canoe Tour

Check out this video clip of a recent visit of Spinner Dolphins at Honolua Bay on Maui's upper west shore on our Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Tour. Follow link below for full article and link to video.
Kayak whale watching Maui

Humpback Whales Return to Maui, Hawaii!!!

Humpback Whales return to Maui!

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Promo Video

Hawaiian Paddle Sports promo video coming soon!