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“..Let start off by saying I really didn’t know IF I was going to be able to Surf in Maui, but I knew I Surfing Lessons were on the top of my list of things to do. I had no idea it would be so easy… ok the Surf Instructor probably had A LOT to do with that. His instructions were clear and detailed…”


“This company is epitome of what service should be. They were great at communicating via email and by phone prior to our arrival in Maui. We booked a private kayak tour for 2 and had a wonderful time…I highly recommend you try!”

KatrinaIrvine, CA

“…Hawaiian Paddle Sports is absolutely, hands down, the only company you want to work with for paddle sports on Maui. They were friendly, kind, patient and can provide multiple different Paddle experiences. I would definitely recommend an outrigger canoe tour…”

Sarah G
Sarah GSanta Clara, CA


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Why a PRIVATE Canoe, Kayak, Stand Up Paddle Board or Surf Lesson?

Why choose a Private Tour on Maui? Most of our guest don’t need this question answered, you’ve found our website because you’re looking to get away from the crowds and off the beaten path. All of our Canoe Tours, Kayak Tours, Surf Lessons and Stand Up Paddle Board lessons are tailored to you and your party, providing an exclusive private adventure away from the crowds.

It has been our experience that with large group tours the guest experience is compromised at the expense of the companies profits. Unfortunately, a one size fits all approach has been adopted by most Maui activity companies. That is why Hawaiian Paddle Sports was created, to offer a private alternative to ocean activities on Maui. Our guides are Certified Marine Naturalist who are passionate about sharing Maui’s Marine World with visitors. Choosing a private tour ensures that your guide is there to give you the attention you need while creating a memorable experience.

Sand, Sun, Surfing in Maui

Maui Surf Lessons

Everyone should learn to Surf in Maui! Our PRIVATE Maui Surf Lessons get you away from the crowded “Maui Surf Schools” in Kihei, Lahaina and Kaanapali to a more secluded surf break where our Surf Instructors can take the time to teach you how to Surf…not just stand on a board. We offer private surf lessons in Maui with no more than a 5 guests to 1 instructor ratio. If your party has more than five surfers we will send a second surf instructor. Our surf instructors will teach you about surf etiquette, where waves come from and how they form, wave selection and of course to to catch wave! We guarantee you’ll get up and surf in one easy lesson or your next surfing lesson is FREE, that’s how confident we are in our instructors.

Kayaking In Maui

Maui Kayak Tours

If you’re coming in the Summer months to Kayak in Maui and go snorkeling with Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles then we offer four beautiful locations: Makena, Olowalu, Honolua Bay, Molokini Crater. Each location offers a unique experience and our staff can help you choose the best location for your experience and fitness level. No experience is required, our dedicated kayak guides will take the time to make you feel comfortable even if it is your first time kayaking or snorkeling. If you’re fit and have experience our guides can take it up a notch and make sure there is plenty for you to see and do as well. Again, a PRIVATE Kayak Tour in Maui allows you to have the experience you choose. If you’ll be visiting in the winter months and wish to Kayak Maui, we offer two great locations for Kayak Whale Watching: Makena or Olowalu. There is no better way to go whale watching in Maui then from an ocean kayak. No crowds, no engine noise or diesel fumes… just you, your kayak guide and the Humpback Whales.

Maui Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Maui is a great way to explore Maui’s scenic coasts and bays. Choose from one of three locations, again each offering a unique experience and view of Maui: Kapalua Bay, Olowalu or Makena. We realize that everyone comes from different backgrounds, fitness levels and comfort in the ocean which is why we offer exclusively PRIVATE Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Tours. You will be able to Stand Up Paddle far as you and fast as your ability allows, without having to feel like you’re being held back or holding others back. Or if you choose to just leisurely cruise around and check out Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles that’s fine too. Oh, and our Stand Up Paddle instructors will take photos for you at no added charge so you can just enjoy your morning on the water.

Outrigger Canoeing with Sea Turtles

Outrigger Canoe Tours

Unlike our exclusively private Kayak Tours, SUP and Surf Lessons, on our Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Tours we do combine parties in order fill all the seats in the Canoe. There are 6 seats in our 45 foot long Hawaiian Outrigger canoe and 12 seats on our Double Hull Canoe, one for the guide and rest for all the engines….that’s you, so the more engines the better. These tours are very similar to our Maui Kayak Snorkel and Whale Watching Tours but with a cultural element. Experience Hawaiian Culture first hand as you paddle a traditional craft and hear legends of Maui from your canoe guide. Learn to make rope from coconut fibers just as ancient Hawaiians did to lash their canoes or wa`a together. Learn about the migration of Polynesians to Hawaii from distant lands and how they not only survived, but thrived in Hawaii. Again our guides will document the entire adventure and send you photos after your Maui Outrigger Canoe Tour so you can enjoy the experience without being distracted by taking photos.

Maui’s Certified Canoe, Kayak, Surf and Paddle Board Guides

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