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Top 25 Things to Do in Maui

Although you may not get to all of them on one trip, here are our suggestions for the Top 25 Things to Do in Maui. Enjoy, explore and don't forget to relax!

Migaloo Spotted in Hawaii?

Was Migaloo Spotted in Hawaii? The world's most famous white humpback whale from Australia might have visited Maui this past year. Learn about Migaloo here

History of Surfing

Surfing is a significant part of our Hawaiian culture, and understanding the history behind the board can give present day surfers a new appreciation!

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoeing | History, Revival, Today

The cultural significance, rich history and current practices of outrigger canoeing in Hawaii is something we can all appreciate. Learn about it's Revival.

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Humpback Whales Return to Maui, Hawaii!!!

Humpback Whales return to Maui, Hawaii. The best way to see them is on an ocean kayak, Hawaiian outrigger canoe or Stand up paddle board.

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Promo Video

Hawaiian Paddle Sports was stoked to work with Impact Productions on a promotional video for one of their customers featuring several Maui Resorts. In this promotional video they follow a family on their Maui Vacation enjoying all of what Maui has to offer. Our part in the video was taking the family out for a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe snorkel tour at our Olowalu West Maui Corals Garden location.

What to do in Maui

When people ask me “What are great things to do in Maui?” I think about advice I might give a friend or family member, and the thought process is usually something like; 1) what should they do to have a good time and get their heart pumping 2) what should they do to get a clear idea of the island of Maui, geography, culture and people and 3) what would also give them a well rounded experience so they can get some variety and mix it up.

Haleakala Watershed - Protecting Maui Forest

The vision of the program is to work together to restore the native forests of leeward Haleakala to benefit our biological, cultural, economic and water resources. Haleakala is a volcanic mountain that makes up most of the island of Maui, you can visit Haleakala National Park and experience many great aspects of this beautiful mountain.

Malama Maui | Malama Maui Nui

Malama Maui Nui, a non-profit organization works to make Maui beautiful and cleaner thru beach cleanups, wetlands reforestation and recycling events. In addition to raising awareness for their cause, we make a financial donation and volunteer our time to help them to accomplish their goals. We are proud to sponsor Malama Maui Nui.

Top Five Reasons To Choose HPS

“Why did you choose Hawaiian Paddle Sports?” And here are the top 5 reasons why Maui visitors choose Hawaiian Paddle Sports over the rest: 1. Private And Unique, 2. Eco Friendly and Sustainable, 3. Professionalism and Experience, 4. Culture and Education, 5. Community and Giving back

Honolua Bay Saved! Community support works

We must never give up hope and go quietly into the night, or fail to support those in our community who are called to stand for what they believe in. Honolua Bay is a very special place to Maui residents and visitors alike. Recently the land surrounding Honolua Bay was saved!

Maui Dolphin Adventure - Almost Like Swimming With dolphins

Have you dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Or when snorkeling here in Maui you just might get a special treat and see a school of Hawaii spinner dolphins swim by. Here is some video taken by one of our canoe tour guides in Maui who were escorted by a group of dolphins, check it out!